1) If under 18 a parent/guardian is present to assist you with completing the web form (signature required.)

2) That you are ages 14 – currently enrolled student w/ NOVA ID. (High School students under 14 should contact for a waiver.)

3) Submissions require an upload of the following documents. Please be sure to have them handy before submitting! (Please note all submissions remain private. Samples will not be uploaded publicly or used for marketing purposes without written consent of the person submitting.

  • Art: A photo sample of the work to be displayed.
  • Music: A .pdf file of your lyrics/set list.
  • Staged Performance/Theatre: A photo/scan of the title page from your published scripted work and a typed out list of any tech requirements you may have.
  • Staged Performance/Dance: A .pdf scan of the backing track lyrics, if no lyrics please upload a .pdf scan of the songs you will be dancing to and any tech requirements you may have.
  • Staged Performance/Improv: A .pdf scan of your games/set list.
  • Staged Performance/Poetry: A .pdf scan of your poem/written work.
  • Film/Digital Projection Art: A shareable link to your short film, video or projection based art project that can be reviewed by event curators.

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